van der Glas & van der Glas I Your boutique English school! Executive Education I Executive transforming & transitioning partners.

Some of our past projects = our strength, available for you too!

In essence, we are good at
being there for you and your organisation [because we care]
to help you as an individual and as a whole - to flourish - together!

We love to work within and through complex, multi-layered environements,
seeing it from different angles, figure out a way through that 'messy stuff' and 
to synthesise and bring order into 'things' to make them easy to understand
and work with for all parties involved - so that you reach your common ground& goal.

  • Creation of unique & exclusive training content. Facilitating the nursing & expansion of a flourishing environment [of a previously toxic & cut-throat environment]. This allowed for mutual growth. We supported this transformation process through our tailor-made & highly-individualised Leadership-Training that was rolled out through the organisations internal L&D/Academy-structure. [Global Organisation with offices on multiple continents]

  • Providing the fruitful environment for two swiss associations and an educational institute to collaborate locally in order to allow their member-businesses to source their young talent.

  • Fine tuning a core team in the pre-phase of understanding and evaluating part of a WTO-Tender, language, culture and cause/effect-wise; holistically.

  • Individual- and group alignment for a mammoth project with roughly 100 core-team members and an overall project-scope of  CHF 65 Mio., based in 3 locations and roughly 7000 employees.  

  • Onboarding in a C-Suite/board member role of an organisation with an operating income of roughly CHF 85 Mio. 

  • Trouble-shooting with different teams and helping them to collaborate more efficiencly after an acquisiton, prior to a local election and an upcoming merger situation.

  • Supporting team members during a highly upheaving time in which roughly 30 employees needed to be let go and the organisation faced difficulties in their field of operating. 

  • Being a reliablie sounding board for a Board Member that has to oversee two big organisations that need to implement sound communication and reporting channels, best practice operation standards,  as well as improve their performance fundamentally.

  • Teaching & Coaching young professionals as well as late bloomers to study for the Cambridge Certificates FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS or BEC since 2002.
  • Supporting the decision making process of young professionals and seasoned professionals when they stand at a crossroads.

How about you? 
Would you love us to support you and your organisation equally well? 
Then feel free to e-mail your request to: or call: +41 55 610 17 01 .

We look forward to get to know you and your interesting project -
and help you
to make a real & meaningful difference.

van der Glas & van der Glas I Your boutique English school! Executive Education I Executive transforming & transitioning partners.