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Overview Executive Education:
4 standard open programmes

You can start our standard Executive Education open programmes anytime as an individual or as a group of like-minded people or as a Team. An overview of our open programmes you will find below. 

For further inquiries in regard to how we can help your organisation or scheduling an in-person or zoom-meeting, please write to: or call : +41 55 610 17 01. We look forward to meeting you.

Übersicht Executive Education:
4 standard offene Programme

Sie können unsere offenen Executive Education programme jederzeit starten, individuell oder als Gruppe gleichdenkender Menschen oder als Team. Eine Übersicht unserer offenen Programme finden Sie unten. 

Für weitere Informationen wie wir Ihrer Organisation weiterhelfen können oder das Vereinbaren eines Kennenlerngespräches in-person oder auf zoom, schreiben Sie bitte an: oder rufen Sie uns an: +41 55 610 17 01. Wir freuen uns, Sie kennenzulernen.

1. Executive Coaching/Leadership development

2. The pathfinder &  'IDEA'-Model​​​​​​​.

Our meticulously developed:
van der Glas & van der Glas Model 'IDEA'
stands for: 

Intuitively sense.
Take action.

Our continually fine-tuned methodology: “Pathfinder” is straight forward, down-to-earth and encompassing, helping you to navigate complexity through systems thinking. More information you will find here.

3. PCOCI - 5-step onboarding Model for best practice.​​​​​​​


Our tailor-made onboarding programme for your highly valued board-, and executive positions so that they can arrive in your organisation, grow roots and drive desired change from within. 

4. 5-T's: 'think things through thoroughly - together'.


​​​​​​​5-T's: 'think things through thoroughly - together' 
Communication: context, detail & meaning-making.

Probably the most important education you can engage in as a human being. This programme helps you to understand better how you interact with others and react to others in changing environments and why you react in certain circumstances and how to improve your re-actions and deepen your understanding. 

In order to understand the actions and reactions of humans in business and beyond, we need to not only look at the detail, but also see it in the context in order to make-meaning holistically and understand fully. Only after having done so, we get a grasp on which decision might be most helpful and help the detail, the environment as well as the relationships involved to move forward. 
The knowkedge shared in this programme stems from organisaitonal psychology, organisational behaviour, social psychology as well as biology and physiology.

5. Selah - seeing what is. 


Selah - seeing what is - by pausing & reflecting.

“We live in a world
that is so blind
that it doesn’t even realise
it can’t see.”
this is why it’s crucial to learn ’how to see again’,
quote Ruud van der Glas

'Seeing' requires multiple levels of perception through the physical body.
We humans don't perceive only through 'seeing'/inter-preting,
he light that falls on our retina and then is mirrored at the back of our brains. 

We also only perceive within this 'bandwidth' / 'frequency'. 

Other species perceive on another 'bandwidth'/'frequency'. 
Indeed - there is a difference in perceiving / seeing.

We are happy to help you
as an individual and your organisation to flourish.
We help you to move forward and look forward to meeting you!​​​​​​​

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